The State of the States

States are laboratories of innovation -- and where the rubber meets the road for policy that impacts people. From education to healthcare to criminal justice and more, states are where Americans see their government in action. Yet states across the nation are struggling to attract the talent they need to realize their potential. 


2017 - Laws Enacted

Federal: 102

State: 18,699



Nationally, 30-45% of state employees are eligible to retire within the next 3-5 years. 

Lack of Strategy

Many states lack succession plans to attract and retain fresh talent. 


Public Perception

The perception of gridlock and inefficiency at the federal level is projected onto state governments. 

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94% of Millennials are interested in using their skills to benefit a social cause.
— Society for Human Resource Managment

Millennials and Generation Z care about making an impact, but they don't see state government as an avenue for change.



Confusing job descriptions, opaque hiring processes, and a lack of presence on college campuses make impactful state roles hard to access.



48% of Americans don't trust their state government, which discourages top talent from entering the government workforce.

Unclear Pathways

State governments have unclear career progression, so candidates don't understand potential pathways to long-term, successful careers in public service. 

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Industries like consulting and finance have the budgets, expertise, and personnel to actively recruit top candidates. Governments don't.