Is Govern for America right for me?

We select diverse applicants from across the country who demonstrate a desire to tackle complex problems and have potential as transformative leaders. These changemakers come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and majors, but tend to share a set of qualities. 


Highly Motivated Leader

You care about making an impact and being in the action. You want to embark on a career path that provides ample opportunity for meaningful work and personal growth. 

Outside of the Box Thinker

 You have solved problems in creative ways when presented with unique challenges and don't rely on cookie-cutter solutions. 


You are a strategic-thinker with high-quality analytical and problem-solving skills. You can articulate a clear vision, navigate conflict, and bring partners to the table.


You are a strong communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and a high EQ. 


You are a self-starter with a demonstrated track record of success in your endeavors, both academic and professional. 


You are willing to take initiative, meet challenges, and adapt to new situations

Team Oriented

You work well in collaborative environments and are trusted by your team members.