The GFA Fellowship



Govern for America recruits exceptional recent college graduates with in-demand skills to join our community of transformative leaders. We work with state partners to identify opportunities where Fellows can tackle our nation's toughest problems  and usher candidates through a selective application process to find the people to get the job done. GfA representatives will be on college campuses in fall and winter 2018. Reach out to see if we're coming to your campus and tell us about your interest!

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Once Fellows are accepted to GFA, we assess their strengths and opportunities for growth to co-create customized leadership development and training plan. In late Winter, we begin matching our Fellows with the state opportunities that best match their skills, interest, and potential for impact. Fellows typically accept a placement offer by early Spring.

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In Summer 2019, fellows will participate in an intensive training institute where they learn innovative approaches to solving public problems and public sector entrepreneurship from former white house officials, current and former state and local government leaders, NYU Governance Lab, and the GFA Network. Over the course of the two years our Fellows benefit from specialized skill development, coaching, mentoring, and opportunities to collaborate with a wide-range of public sector leaders.

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Get to work

Every placement is different, but as a GfA Fellow you work closely with senior leaders in government on strategic initiatives and mission-critical priorities, manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and work to improve operations in your state. 

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At the end of the Fellowship, we offer personalized coaching through the GFA Network and partner organizations to support Fellows to find impactful work and continue to develop as civic leaders. Our Fellows take on public sector roles, graduate programs, running for office, and more. Whatever their next step, we provide Fellows the resources to sustain their impact in public service and continue to strengthen their communities.